Best Silver Jewelry Collection by a Quebec Jewelry Designer

Whatever the current fashion trend, silver is always part of it. No matter the setting, look or outfit, silver jewelry has always been a timeless classic to wear. It is a perfect balance between simplicity and class. For centuries, silver has remained one of the jewelry choices to wear for any occasion, from the office to the evening.

Women have always been passionate about jewelry, and the elegance that silver jewelry adds to any look is indescribable. A simple chain or a shiny silver ring, or even a bracelet, can add grace and enhance any understated outfit. Accessorizing silver jewelry is an art. The right size, design and type of jewelry add the right amount of “bling” to turn heads. The simplicity of this metal is always elegant. It fits effortlessly into a basic wardrobe, so every woman should own a few pieces.

Here are some of the best collections from Quebec jewelry designer Boutique MichaudMichaud that you should add to your jewelry collection.

  • ShikShok collection
  • Manic collection
  • MichaudMichaud hearts
  • Cassivi set
  • Dell’arte set
  • Eiffel set
  • Roots Set
  • Trium set
  • Boat collection
  • Pearl necklaces and bracelets
What goes well with sterling silver?

What goes well with sterling silver?

  • Choose the best colors
  • Opt for simple patterns
  • Different styles for different occasions
  • Silver layering is a trend
  • Mix and match your jewelry